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Sapio is a dating app that matches people based on their intelligence and interests, The app is very LGBTQ+ friendly, and even lists “sapiosexual” as a preference. the Sapio mobile application or the Sapio Website being developed by us.
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When you hear of studies in which men are intimated by clever women , knowing that sapiosexuals exist may give you faith in humanity since their overall trait is that they are sexually attracted to intelligence.

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So while beauty may only be skin deep, the beauty that sapiosexuals admire most is far from that. Assuming there is a legal basis for an investigation of the Clinton foundation in this regard I don't know; I'm not a lawyer , I would be in favor of it. Then all the talk of conspiracy could be put to rest once and for all.

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7 signs that you’re dating a sapiosexual

He dislikes bad music and bad food. He also considers himself sapiosexual. Derived from the Latin for wise, sapiosexuality is technically genderless and has been adopted by straight and non-straight people alike.

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The definition has been updated several times in the last few years to take on a more cynical tone appropriate for the digital age. Whether sapiosexuality is indeed a true orientation, a preference or just a new way to brag remains to be seen. Some critics say sapiosexuality is ableist and possibly discriminatory, since intelligence comes in many forms.

Lindsay Gonder, 33, says she always swipes left on — ignores — self-proclaimed sapiosexuals. Various researchers have used the questionnaire once a decade since the s. Unfortunately, unlike obvious physical attributes, intellectual ones aren't always apparent at first glance. It's entirely possible that you might find yourself out on a date some night with someone who sort of seemed smart online, but turns out to be more dense than Mensa.

Translates your order of arugula salad with goat cheese followed by roast chicken with peas and morels into genus and species.

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